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Cretan Ark

In an “ark” where a perpetual tale is unfolding, with locality having the first word and local producers talking directly with you. The small gems of the Cretan land are the great protagonists of the past and the present.

cretan ark

Your tasting experience takes place exactly where all the raw materials were born...

Under the sun and next to the soil!

In a paradise of biodiversity, with a geographical location that fascinates and a rare and unique microclimate, Cretan ARK “produces” authentic taste and “guides” the visitor to the heart of Cretan gastronomy.

A real ark of taste with the Cretan land as the protagonist is introduced to the visitor in order to present an experience where the hospitality, the lifestyle, the fine diet, the treasures of nature as well as the culinary story of the place unfold masterfully in an authentic setting.

After all, the ark is the moving experience which reveals the entire wealth of the place, through services and actions. Wine, extra virgin olive oil and gastronomy will guide you while offering an experience that will ultimately become the strongest memory.

In your own place, together with sommeliers and chefs, you will enjoy an experience where the senses of smell and taste are activated in their full glory. The game of food tasting provokes exploration and private cooking is a revelation.

Through the Cretan Ark, which moves around you, each service and experience comes to your own place, shifting the hitherto perspective on tasting and cooking.

Two living organisms which need company to be activated. Hospitality, interactivity, experience as well as passion and expertise in gastronomy create “familiarization trips” with the extra virgin olive oil, wine, and private cooking being the protagonists, while the recipient is… you!

cretan ark

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